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"Water is essential to us" we may all say without really thinking any further.

Water is of main concern to life on earth. Even if it's apparent abundance hides it's actual scarcity well, we must realise that only an infinitely small amount of the earth's water is available and can be used.

The development of our society has provided us many advantages, among which the extreme comfort of having drinking water, high quality drinking water, available to consumers without any effort. But, until when ?

Collective consciousness about the devastating effects of unreasonnable development of our civilizations has led to a concrete programme as defined in sustainable development.

Bravo ! We rediscover ancient virtues, based upon common sense, the spirit of conservation and the obligation of thinking ahead to transmit the best to future generations.
We seem to feel the need of being in touch with the earth again, with green areas, the lungs of our cities. Their future should not be endangered by more and more frequent shortages of water due to drought.

It is inconceivable to keep on using water in a wrong way, not to adjust water consumption ; let's not forget that most of the time we use drinking water to water our gardens.

Our technical knowhow allows us to determine the water needs of plants with great precision; state-of-the-art technologies help us reach those goals.

"Water usage control for the right development of plants" is the ISIS Control philosophy as expressed in our logo.
Consciousness, talking about it and pointing out is good, acting is even better !

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