Isis Control: automatic watering & centralized irrigation management.

Irrigation System & automatic watering.

install your irrigation system & your d'automatic watering with a entralized irrigation management. Isis Control Solution saves up to 30 % water thanks to centralized automatic watering on your green areas.
No need to change your existing installations for the irrigation system .

Isis Control solutions automatic watering

Isis Control is the tailored solutions for your automatic watering. The program is available through an internet connection, and isis control allows the irrigation programs for green areas and plants.

Central control system of landscape irrigation solutions are good as well for quality & environment as environment policy.

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Isis Control© is a branch of the Botanica Jardins Services group.

Ever since the creation of BOTANICA Jardins Services, a company dedicated to installation and maintenance of green areas with headquarters in Nice, we have been preoccupied with the protection of nature, respect of the environment and our main objective is to satisfy customer’s demands adapting means.

Constantly projecting evolution and improvement of services and installations for customers, Botanica registered the trade-mark  for Centralized Management of Automatic Watering in 2001. This sort of solution had become unavoidable for multi-site systems (investment costs, water management, control of networks and vegetations...).

The concept consists of offering a perfectly need and demand based tool to the end-user, making the equipment affordable at reduced costs.

In 2002 de Stade de France football stadium in Paris concluded the testing and finally the project was awarded by ANVAR in France (National Agency for Innovation).

Nowadays Isis Control® develops and commercializes innovative solutions of centralized management of automatic watering in the whole world.

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