ISIS CONTROL: central control systems of landscape irrigation.

Install your irrigation system & automatic watering system with a central control system of landscape irrigation.
Thanks to Isis control save up to 30 percent on your water bills. There's no need to change your existing installation, you simply have to add the centralized management system.
Isis control is the tailored solutions for automatic watering system. The program is available through an internet connection and allows centralized irrigation management.
Central control system of landscape irrigation are good for the environment as wall as the real economy made on your water bills.
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The concept Demonstration Offers Dedicated Area Case study

Dedicated Area

Use our innovating solution of centralized management of automatic watering, applicable to all locations and easy to use.
  • Local communities : No longer water when it rains
  • Professional contractors : Propose you clients tailor-made solutions meeting their individual needs
  • Reduce costs by chosing for maximizing management

ISIS Control® meets your individual needs

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